Ottawa: What is a Fashion Truck?

by Lainie Towell March 25, 2016

Ottawa: What is a Fashion Truck?

Welcome aboard Voguemobile!

This is Lainie, the Fashion Trucker… writing the first blog for Ottawa’s first fashion truck.

The Voguemobile team has been busier than a NASCAR pit crew. Transforming a delivery truck into a glamorous rolling boutique, searching for fabulous designer clothes to stock the Voguemobile, and building our online store for those who want to shop in the fast lane 24/7.

Today however, we decided to pull over, to cool our tires and address a common query about Voguemobile: “What is a fashion truck?”

Creative, chic and convenient, Voguemobile is Ottawa’s first mobile fashion boutique. Our fashion truck is much smaller than a department store or a bricks and mortar shop…because it is a remodeled step van! (Like a UPS or Canada Post truck, but way more elegant.)

Inside, Voguemobile has everything you would see in a traditional boutique: modern LED lighting and flooring, racks with terrific clothes and accessories, a change-room and a groovy counter wrap. Can you envision it? Great! Now add some wheels to the image. That means you could see the Voguemobile at a festival, in a parking lot or in your driveway.

Now that I explained what fashion truck is, let me tell you about 3 cool ways to shop on board Voguemobile.

1. Drive your style home with a Voguemobile private shopping event. Each event includes a pre-consultation so that we can curate an exclusive collection especially for your and your most fashionable friends. We bring the Voguemobile to your driveway for a chic shopping experience.

2. Voguemobile travels (and dresses) the Queensway! We are open for business in parking lots, festivals and special events across the city. When our site is live, you can visit our calendar on to see our schedule and come on down.

3. For those who love to shop in the fast lane, you can do so online 24/7 at Your purchase may even qualify for free delivery (dependent on distance and schedule).

Now that you know what a fashion truck is, you are ready to experience Voguemobile this spring.

The road ahead is a fashion freeway, filled with independent designers and small batch lines along the way. Voguemobile is revving to serve Ottawa as the city’s first fashion truck, so spread the word!

To book an event contact Lainie at: 613-276-7834 or

Voguemobile travels the freeway…to free your self is to be your self.
(Honk! Honk!)
Lainie, Fashion Trucker

Lainie Towell
Lainie Towell