Fast-Fashion Commute vs Road Trip Style

by Lainie Towell May 08, 2016

Fast-Fashion Commute vs Road Trip Style

There is a difference between commuting and road tripping. Commuting has a destination, which means any delay can cause frustration… even for the most patient person.

Road tripping on the other hand is all about the journey. Getting lost can transform into a new adventure and delays become opportunities for pulling over, taking breaks or exploring new directions.

Commuting is analogous to productivity while road tripping echoes creativity. The former is what most of us experience regularly, yet we crave and dream of the latter. Commuting is going through the same repetitive motions, day in and day out. Road tripping is living in the now and understanding that every moment is new and unique.

Fashion can be like commuting or like road tripping. The choice is ours.

We can opt to buy inexpensive, cheaply made fast-fashion that is produced in mass-quantities, or, we can support local or independent designers who create quality garments infused with meaning and longevity.

Fast-fashion much like commuting daily, causes our sense of personal style to become passive. Shopping and dressing become routine activities when we choose to wear fast-fashion uniforms that fall apart after a few washes. Buy-wear-wash-wear-wash- toss-repeat. Fast-fashion also carries negative consequences for our planet. Not to mention it traps us in a non-stop buying cycle.

Curating and investing in a wardrobe with items that we have built a relationship with is liberating and unique, much like road tripping. Our clothing choices become part of our personal experience and self-expression. We are also more likely to repair an item that we love and have invested in, rather than to toss it in the trash (or the back of the closet) and replace it with more “commuter clothing.”

Voguemobile does not carry fast-fashion. Instead, our focus is to help you to accelerate your personal style. We invite you to enjoy the ride on board Ottawa’s first fashion truck and to experience small batch lines and quality clothing by independent designers. After all… clothes aren’t going to change the world, but the women who wear them will.

Voguemobile travels the freeway…to free your self is to be your self.

Lainie, Fashion Trucker

PS: Voguemobile hits the road in May 2016. Production of our truck is slightly delayed, but since we are road trippers at heart, we are patiently enjoying the trip. Keep in touch with us on social media for updates on our journey. See you soon Ottawa!

Lainie Towell
Lainie Towell